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On the other side of sobriety, Dave Hause builds a beautiful life

Dave Hause

They were standing on a bluff overlooking Southern California, singer-songwriter Dave Hause and his old man, taking in the view. The weather was undoubtedly ideal, as it usually is for those who seek respite from Philadelphia’s harsh winters. Hause (pronounced like “cause” or “pause”) had become a permanent Golden State resident in 2013, and but…

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Kevin Bowe: Songwriter, producer, rocker and 40 years sober

Kevin Bowe

Growing up in the 1970s, Kevin Bowe — recording artist, producer, engineer and a fixture of the Minneapolis scene for four decades — operated under the assumption of the American dream. His mother’s family came to this country after escaping the horrors of the Holocaust. His father was a nose-to-the-grindstone upper middle class worker bee…

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