Recovery Stories from the Music Industry

An interview series with musicians in recovery

Tyler Pope

LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope reflects on grace, music and sobriety

Eric Dwight

Songwriter Eric Dwight: Addicts aren’t the only ones ‘Born Into Addiction’

John Bence

With sobriety, contemporary composer John Bence reaches for the divine

Eric Stracener

Light, life and music: Singer-songwriter Eric Stracener thrives in sobriety


July Fourth: In addiction recovery, freedom takes on a whole new meaning


Sobriety forms the backbone of LAPÊCHE couple’s relationship and rock

Brian Plink

Calm like a Bomb: Rock to Recovery’s Brian Plink reflects on the serenity of sobriety


Life clean and sober feels ‘All. Right. Now.’ for Drew McManus of Satsang

The Ties That Bind Us

Happy birthday to us! The Ties That Bind Us celebrates three years

Andrew Bryant

With the help of sobriety, Water Liars’ Andrew Bryant finds ‘A Meaningful Connection’


On new song, duo The FBR paints a stark portrait of alcohol’s ferocious grip

Daniel Wieten

Daniel Wieten of The Omega Experiment finds serenity in simplicity

Why The Ties That Bind Us? It’s taken from literature from one of the 12 Step programs: “The ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart.”

What about the 11th Tradition? “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and film.” This is an important part of all 12 Step fellowships, which is why we won’t be identifying the specific fellowships, if any, to which our interview subjects belong. However, their discussion of their own recovery and sobriety, we feel, falls under the purview of “attraction,” and we’re honored they’ve agreed to allow us to tell their stories.

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