Recovery Stories from the Music Industry

An interview series with musicians in recovery

Danny Boy O'Connor

An ‘Outsider’ no more: House of Pain’s Danny Boy O’Connor finds his calling

Carlene Carter

The unbroken circle: Country royalty Carlene Carter always finds her way back to the light

David Haerle

On heartrending new song, David Haerle ponders a life lost to addiction

Kenny Roby

Alt-country songwriter Kenny Roby dynamites ‘The Reservoir’ of reservations

Lucy Spraggan

One of the best ‘Choices’ singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan ever made: getting ‘Sober’

Soo Line Loons

Grant Glad of Soo Line Loons embraces lost dreams and new possibilities


The CHECK YOUR HEAD Podcast: Mari Fong shines a light on recovery

Travis Shallow

Sobriety gives singer-songwriter Travis Shallow ‘a pure sense of peace’

Har mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar celebrates happiness and sobriety on new album ‘Roseville’

Richard Jankovich

Richard Jankovich of Big Mother Gig pens an ode to sobriety on ‘Gusto’

ZouZou Mansour

Soraia’s ZouZou Mansour makes the most of her ‘gift of desperation’

Waylon Reavis

Waylon Reavis of A Killer’s Confession: ‘I live every day proud’ because of recovery

Why The Ties That Bind Us? It’s taken from literature from one of the 12 Step programs: “The ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart.”

What about the 11th Tradition? “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and film.” This is an important part of all 12 Step fellowships, which is why we won’t be identifying the specific fellowships, if any, to which our interview subjects belong. However, their discussion of their own recovery and sobriety, we feel, falls under the purview of “attraction,” and we’re honored they’ve agreed to allow us to tell their stories.

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