Recovery Stories from the Music Industry

An interview series with musicians in recovery

Geoff Rickly

Recovery rocks: Thursday’s Geoff Rickly celebrates a life free of heroin’s shackles


A new way of life: The artist known as N8NOFACE finds unlimited potential in sobriety

Kat Hamilton

Mental health, sobriety make up the titular topics of Kat Hamilton’s ‘Recovery Songs’

Steve Drizos

Surrender to win: Musician, producer Steve Drizos embraces the ‘Axiom’ of sobriety

John Henry

John Henry vs. alcohol: St. Louis singer-songwriter lays his hammer down

Ned Luberecki

A Christmas miracle: Banjo ace Ned Luberecki marks a major milestone

Nick Petty

The Happys: A band name and more for recovering indie rocker Nick Petty

Simon Kirke

Free, Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke makes the most of his new life

Ann Wilson

From Heart to a ‘Revolution,’ Ann Wilson lives her best life in sobriety

Ricky Byrd

Guitarist Ricky Byrd unveils a soundtrack for some ‘Sobering Times’

Chad Mattson

After giving it over to God, Chad Mattson of Unspoken finds success in sobriety and music

Jaime Wyatt

Altogether herself: The surreal and sober journey of country maven Jaime Wyatt

Why The Ties That Bind Us? It’s taken from literature from one of the 12 Step programs: “The ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart.”

What about the 11th Tradition? “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and film.” This is an important part of all 12 Step fellowships, which is why we won’t be identifying the specific fellowships, if any, to which our interview subjects belong. However, their discussion of their own recovery and sobriety, we feel, falls under the purview of “attraction,” and we’re honored they’ve agreed to allow us to tell their stories.

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