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A Sublime dream: Bradley Nowell’s legacy lives on in a house that bears his name

August 31, 2020
Bradley Nowell

Twenty-four years later, Kellie Nowell still trembles when she recalls the moment she got the news. May 25, 1996: She pulled into the family garage and knew immediately something was amiss. Her mother’s car was parked in front of the house, and her husband met her as she exited the car to deliver the devastating news — her brother, Bradley Nowell, was dead. That he passed as his band, Sublime, was coming into its own as one of the most popular purveyors of ska-punk was tragic in and of itself. That he died of a heroin overdose a week after marrying his long-time girlfriend and the mother of his 11-month-old son, during a period in his life when addiction seemed to have released him from its murderous talons, only compounded Kellie’s grief. “He had been battling heroin addiction for four years — in and out of rehab, and he even…

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Park City Songwriter Festival: Music in the mountains, with a side of addiction recovery

August 26, 2019

The O.P. Rockwell will be one of the host venues for the Park City Songwriter Festival, which takes place Sept. 13 and 14 in Park City, Utah. When Ben Anderson pauses for a few minutes and reflects on the path his life has taken, you can almost hear him grinning on the other end of the phone line. It is, after all, a journey that truly defines what so many individuals in recovery come to understand about the nature of a Higher Power — sometimes referred to as God, but always something greater than the fallible individual who comes to believe in one. And that is this: Man plans, and God laughs. A lot of folks may come to such a realization, but many people in recovery become keenly aware that when it comes to the will of a Higher Power, we’re on a need-to-know basis. After all, he told…

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MusiCares offers a lifeline to recovery for artists and industry types who find themselves struggling with addiction

April 8, 2019

Past Stevie Ray Vaughan Award recipients, from left, Alice Cooper (2008), Ozzy Osbourne (2014), Smokey Robinson (2016) and James Hetfield (2006). (Photo courtesy of Images) In his 2000 memoir “On Writing,” novelist Stephen King detailed his battle with addiction and alcoholism, spending several paragraphs on the propensity of artists, musicians and writers to travel those same dark roads. Popular culture, he pointed out, is intrigued by the notion of great art being made by broken men and women. Contemporary history is rife with the hero worship of writers and musicians who were plagued by substance abuse and often met tragic ends: Ernest Hemingway, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain. And then, in a couple of succinct passages, he smashes that romanticization: “Hemingway and Faulkner didn’t drink because they were creative, alienated, or morally weak. They drank because it’s what alkies are wired up to do. Creative people probably do run a…

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From farm to beach, Jersey nonprofit uses music to offer hope to those in recovery

January 28, 2019

From farm to beach, Jersey nonprofit uses music to offer hope to those in recovery When Daniel Regan left rehab seven years ago, his family circled the wagons. He was 21 and scared to death, and recovery resources around Monmouth County, N.J., were hard to come by. His mother, Lynn, and his sister, Ashley, brought him back to the family farm in Howell, and they began the process of rebuilding not just Daniel’s life, but the lives of countless other recovering addicts and alcoholics who find themselves fresh into sobriety with few places to turn. “He and my mom were the driving force, especially my mom; she told him, ‘You’re not going to give up, and we’re going to create a program to save your life,’” Ashley told The Ties That Bind Us recently. “We were dragged through the system with insurance for years, and we decided that everyone deserved…

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HOPE ROCKS: One town’s response to its young people lost to addiction

December 24, 2018

HOPE ROCKS: One town’s response to its young people lost to addiction EDITOR’S NOTE: As we look at the beginning of a new year, we’re pleased to announce an expansion of focus for The Ties That Bind Us. We’ll continue to profile artists in recovery, but we’re also wanting to bring you interviews with others in the arts community who are recovering, or those who are pushing back against the darkness that continues to claim so many lives. One such person is Joe Defino and his team at Hope Rocks in Saugerties, N.Y. … When death came to his hometown, Joe Defino wasn’t content to let it lay unimpeded waste to the kids who had passed through his classroom. A teacher at Grant D. Morse Elementary School in Saugerties, N.Y., Defino organized a music and arts festival from 2011 to 2016. It was way to give the often overlooked students…

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