Electronic Dance Music Artists & DJs In Recovery Share Their Stories

EDM’s Ravenscoon peels back the layers to talk about sanity and sobriety

October 5, 2020

The EDM — electronic dance music — community isn’t that different from the hedonistic rock ‘n’ roll heyday of the 1960s and ’70s, Paul Conversano believes, but unless you were in that scene, it’s difficult to appreciate just how much drugs are a part of the culture. For Conversano — better known as the deejay and producer Ravenscoon — the stigma of EDM as a drug culture as much as it is a music genre has some merit. After all, he’s been in the thick of it and come out the other side, clean and sober these days. And from the very beginning, when he once followed various artists around the country, he’s had a ringside seat to just how prevalent drugs are in the community he loves so fervently. “When I was getting into that culture, everybody was drinking and doing things like cocaine, acid, molly (also known as…

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